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Sentimental magazine issue 1 : Founder, Publisher, Curation, Creative direction.

Sentimental magazine issue 2 : Founder, Publisher, Curation, Creative direction.

Sentimental magazine issue 3 : Founder, Publisher, Curation, Creative direction.

Bandra Sentimental : photography, creative direction, edition.

Summer Sequences : Photography, Creative direction, Edition, Published by 37.2.

Hien Le : Photography, Creative direction.

London Youth for Bullett : Photography, Creative direction

IS-Fun; Hermès Special  : Photography, Videos and Creative direction link to the video

Now adding image and art direction to his set of skills, Romain Sellier has been a photographer for over 15 years.

As a photographer he was frustrated by the limitation and imperatives of commercial photography and started his own publication in London called Sentimental Magazine.

He discovered strong visual talents at en early stage, and passionately managed to create a dialogue between these artists.
His main guideline is to develop unexpected encounters between sensitive personalities or asking photographers to shift away from their usual trademarks.

His desire for his clients and in his work in general  is to explore gentler, wiser, and more meaningful ways of communicating through wonder, contemplation, and always privileging emotion and humanity, he believes that this is what we need and want to see today and tomorrow.

Simple. Sincere.Humane.